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Nasser Saleh

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October 2014

MadfooatCom, founded in 2011, is the first online payment platform in Jordan. By linking banks with billers, MadfooatCom has made the payment of bills efficient, convenient, and secure for both customers and billers. Customers are able to both inquire about, and pay bills, through electronic payment channels that are available 24/7, while billers increase payment collections, reduce waiting lines, and are guaranteed quick fund transactions.

 In 2014, MadfooatCom launched eFawateercom, a nation-wide integrated bill payment system for bank accounts holders. In 2015, eFawateercom expanded its accessibility by becoming an online portal that allows payment by MasterCard and Visa. With 35 of the largest billers using eFawateercom, Jordanian residents can settle a number of bills online, from electricity, water, and telecom, to education, healthcare, and taxes. As MadfooatCom continues its commitment to improve bill payments in Jordan, eFawateercom will soon be smartphone compatible.  

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