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Mohammad Jaber

Digital Media
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October 2017

Mohammad, a medical doctor and a passionate serial entrepreneur, is the founder and COO of Mawdoo3.com, the biggest website in the world that provides digital content in Arabic. Mawdoo3.com pursues a social mission, to help fill the void of reliable digital Arabic content with high editorial standards, where it publishes credible, informative articles on various topics, from art, medicine, and sports, to history and food recipes. The website aims to enrich Arabic content on the internet and provide high quality articles and analysis services for Arabic keywords.

Mawdoo3.com was launched back in 2010 as a student-project, when Mohammad and his partner, Rami Al Qawasmi joined personal money and that of friends and family to launch their idea. Mawdoo3.com is a recipient of the first prize for the Queen Rania Business Plan Competition Award in 2011.

Mohammad has also established AdamTech, a VC company and business accelerator in the ICT sector providing seed capital to entrepreneurs. Mohammad is also a social entrepreneur, as he has founded the first voluntary team ‘Jordan Volunteers’ in 2009, providing structured voluntary activities.

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