• Yousef Wadi, Founder & CEO of Nestrom, re-selected into the Endeavor network



    Amman, October 3rd, 2017 – Endeavor Jordan is proud to announce the re-selection of Yousef Wadi, Founder and CEO of Nestrom, into its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs, after pitching his new venture to the local board members and obtaining a unanimous vote.

    Nestrom is an Agri-Tech company focused on digitizing farms by monitoring operations, workforce & environment from anywhere in the world by delivering high-end, easy to deploy agricultural software products and solutions. Through utilizing latest technologies, Nestrom enables farms to monitor their most important resources. Nestrom aspires to transform all farms into smart farms, and to empower the value chain for better traceability leading to higher ROI.

    On his re-selection, Wadi expressed his enthusiasm to be actively back into the Endeavor network, "I'm super excited to reconnect with everyone and work together for a better ecosystem. With the support, network, and value provided by Endeavor, we believe we will accelerate the growth of Nestrom and in turn provide value back".

    Yousef was first selected into the Endeavor network in 2015 as the co-founder of ArabiaWeather. As an Endeavor Alum, Yousef was eligible to pitch Nestrom to the local board members to be recognized as an Endeavor Entrepreneur again, and actively engage with the global network, benefiting from Endeavor's services.

    Once selected into the network, Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain unrivalled access to markets, talent, capital through comprehensive customized services, tailored programs, and tools that will enable them to scale their businesses, and multiply their impact. 

    Endeavor's Managing Director, Reem Goussous commented, "Yousef is a determined serial entrepreneur, known in the local ecosystem as a role model to the younger generation of entrepreneurs. We are thrilled to have him engaged with us, and aim to support him to maximize the potential and growth of Nestrom."

    With Jordan's portfolio of 25 high-impact entrepreneurs from 18 companies spanning across 8 sectors, Endeavor now supports 1,538 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 962 companies in 30 growth markets around the world.


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