• Dr. Mohammad Jaber and Rami Al-Qawasmi, Founders of, Announced as Latest Endeavor Jordan Entrepreneurs to Join The Global Network


    Amman, November 2017 – Endeavor Jordan is proud to announce the selection of Dr. Mohammad Jaber and Rami Al-Qawasmi into its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs for their company, the world’s largest Arabic-speaking destination for trustworthy digital content.

    The selection of came as a conclusion -of Endeavor's 75th International Selection Panel (#EndeavorISP), which was held in Bulgaria, where 25 entrepreneurs, representing 16 companies from 11 countries were announced as new Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

    Founded in 2012, is on a mission to help fill the void of reliable digital Arabic content with high editorial standards, where it publishes credible, informative articles on various topics, from art, medicine, and sports, to history and food recipes.

    Over the past 5 years, Mohammad and Rami were able to expand Mawdoo3’s presence to now have around 130,000 articles, with 40Million unique users monthly, thus positioning as a reliable source of credible, verified articles and videos that answer everyday questions.

    Mohammad and Rami met while volunteering at an event, where the two shared their frustrations about the spread of inaccurate information on the internet forums that dominate the Arabic-language internet. Their shared passion for the issue led to a friendship and a business partnership.

    On their selection into the network, Rami and Mohammad comment "We at always believe that the way we do the business, is as important as what we do; that’s why we always seek to develop our professional performance, in order to give the maximum benefit to the Arabic internet user. Being part of Endeavor family around the world, means being part of a big great family of entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the globe. We are sure this will be an exciting opportunity to meet high impact leaders and investors, who will always be important role models for to continue our success journey."

    Reem Goussous, Endeavor Jordan Managing Director adds ‘Mohammad and Rami are role models for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, economic growth is enabled by data and information, as much as it is by products and services. And given the dearth of Arabic online content, is very well positioned to provide that critical enabler for regional growth. We very are certain of Mohammad and Rami’s capabilities in taking the online Arabic content to the next level.’

    Endeavor now supports 1,563 entrepreneurs, leading 978 companies in 30 growth markets around the world.

    The ISP is the final phase of a multi-step rigorous selection process, where candidates pitch their companies to top international business leaders and investors from the Endeavor network, making those obtaining a unanimous vote officially Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

    Once selected into the network, entrepreneurs gain access to a wide array of services enabling them to scale their businesses, and multiply their impact.


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